Why Use Us


  • We always give our customers a courtesy call to let you know we're on our way.
  • We do the job quickly and efficiently, wherever the junk is situated.
  • We sweep up afterwards.
  • We recycle and promote re-use.
Loading the van


A main concern for many customers is what happens to their items once we remove them. Fortunately, this is one of our main concerns too. We promise to recycle and promote re-use whenever possible. Our target is to recycle more than our competitors and find new ways of increasing re-use. If you have any suggestions please do get in touch. 

At present, paper and metal are the easiest for us to recycle, followed by books, clothes and sometimes furniture. If you would like to help us recycle more and if you are able to, please separate these items into different bags or boxes. 

The organisation Waste Watch and their sister site www.wasteonline.org.uk have some really good information about how to increase recycling.



With us:

  • We arrive in YOUR CHOSEN time slot.
  • We clear your junk.
  • We sweep up.
  • We leave

With skip hire:

  • You need to organise a permit for the skip.
  • You need to organise a parking space for the skip.
  • You usually have to fill the skip yourself.
  • You need to prevent other people filling up your skip with their junk.